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Branding's most innovative how-to book:

The 50 More Essential Rules of Branding now comes in three dynamic editions.

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50 Rules offers clients, business owners and students simple, straight-forward rules used by the world's best branders. Learn what matters in design, web strategies that work and timeless advice from top branding experts. All, delivered in a candid, simple-to-follow form.

Branding pros call all the 50 Rules of Great Branding
"...smart, saavy and on-point.".


Topics Covered In The Book

Just some of the many concepts covered in a refreshing, to-the-point style.



What are the rules followed by professional designers? Here are some simple strategies
pros use to improve thier messaging.



There are unlimited outlets to promote your brand. Find out shortcuts to focus your efforts and gain greater exposure.


Digital Strategy

Digital is the hot right now. Find out how can you tailor your message, increase your impact and maximize your resources.


Rules of Thumb

Branding isn't new. It's been practiced
successfully by companies for over 125 years.
Learn from the best.




The more digital branding gets, the more important the impact and permanence
of paper becomes. Learn the rules.



There is a single secret used by the World's
best branding and advertising writers.
Find out what it is.

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A sneek peek at what 50 Rules and 50 More Rules are all about

What The Pros Are Saying

“Amazingly, 50 More Essential Rules of Great Branding is even better than the original. The last time that happened was Godfather II. Best of all, it's a fun, quick read."


Jamie Turner

Author, Branding CEO, & CNN Business Contributor

“In this wonderfully simple book, Tad DeWree says it all—
with his unique brand of incisive brilliance.”


Joey Green

Author of "Contrary to Popular Belief" and 50+ titles.

“Rule #51... Don’t launch your brand or marketing campaign before considering these elegant, simple and quietly brilliant contributions...”


Ralph Yznaga

Exec. Creative Director and author of “Living Witness”

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Digital edition

    Over 50+ easy-to-remember rules of branding
  • 38 Photos & illustrations
  • Tips from noted experts and industry pros
  • 125 pages
  • 10 Bonus rules

Soft cover edition

    Over 50+ easy-to-remember rules of branding
  • 38 Photos & illustrations
  • Tips from noted experts and industry pros
  • 125 pages
  • 10 Bonus rules

About the Author


Tad DeWree

"The more your learn, the simpler things get."

50 Essential Rules and 50 More Essential Rules of Branding are the product of
Tad DeWree, an award-wining ad creative and principal of Essential Branding, a Dallas-based consulting firm, which provides corporate ID, brand building, and advertising for national brands, start-up ventures and owner-centric businesses.

In 1995, Tad founded Thinking Inc, an early adopter of HD TV production, digital asset management and progressive internet technologies. In its 15 years, the integrated branding firm help add over $1 Billion in value to its roster of national clients and private ventures.

Prior to consulting, Tad spent ten years in New York as an award-winning creative, producing work for American Airlines, Burger King, Canon, and other Fortune 100 companies. Mr. DeWree is a 1984 graduate of the College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin and served on the College Advisory Board.

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